Cryptic Cards by Immy Smith

Thanks to the wonder that is Twitter, today I came across a new artist who has created some very interesting work based on science: Immy Smith.

I just love scientific art. I love the way that art can portray elements of science in new and different ways that I had never thought of before. I also love that art can make complicated topics more relatable (as much as I’d like to, nobody can know or understand everything there is to know or understand). I love that scientific art, like all other art can be viewed at any level of intellectual detail, and can be pleasing to a range of people.

As a keen gamer in my spare time, I loved the series of Cryptic Cards that Immy has created. The pieces are playing cards from a traditional deck which have been painted so that they look like cryptically patterned moths are laying on the top of each card. The range of cards suggest to me that if playing cards were more abundant in nature, that something similar would evolve to blend in to them.

I am eagerly awaiting the crowd funding campaign where I can buy some of these awesome cards!

Immy is a collaborator in Imagining Science: a polymathic art and science collaborative based in the United Kingdom.

You can check out the Cryptic Cards and the rest of her work at her website.


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