About Me

I am a graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Monash University) with Honours (Deakin University). My honours thesis entitled ‘The consequences of marine-derived avian nutrient input into island ecosystems: Palaeoecological insights from Rimatara, French Polynesia’ focused on palaeoecology and human impacts on a Pacific Island.

I have just returned from Switzerland where I was a visiting student to the University of Fribourg, working with Professor Heinz Muller-Scharer, Suzanne Lommen and others on their research of Ambrosia artemisifolia and Ophraella communa in Europe.

Since finishing my undergraduate studies I have worked at Deakin University where I tutored SLE101: Techniques in Environmental Science and SLE102: Physical Geography. I have worked as a Research Assistant with Luis Mata and Sarah Bekessy at the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group (ICSRG), in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University. This position contributed to ‘The little things that run the city’, an insect and spider ecology and conservation project co-funded by the City of Melbourne and RMIT University’s Strategic Projects in Urban Research.

In my free time I like to work in my garden,  get out into nature, as well as play games, and terrorise my friends with ridiculous monsters in dungeons and dragons.

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